Energy EFT is an innovate and non invasive technique which provides positive and often outstanding results.

It is a simple technique, it involves tapping lightly on points on the head face and body. By tapping on a specific topic that you have chosen we clear out blockages in your energy system & get your energy flowing to an optimum level.

Energy EFT can be used as a stand alone treatment and as adjunct to any other treatment, making it a very versatile healing tool.

Working with the guidance of your practitioner you will learn techniques to transform all areas of your life, and create the life you want.

These techniques provide ongoing support with Phobias, e.g. spiders or public speaking, flying, Weight Loss, Overcoming food cravings, addictions, PTSD, Stress & Anxiety, improving energy levels, improving performance and confidence, physical and emotional issues motivation and learning to name just a few.

The possibilities are endless!!

For more information of a session Energy EFT please contact me to book a session either in person or over Skype on or 07867557320.