Product Description

Are you interested in becoming attuned to Divine Transformational Rays?

Emily is able to attune you for Divine Transformational Rays, so that you can give healing to yourself or to others.

The Attunement activates your natural healing ability that lies dormant. It enables you to channel the healing energy of Divine Transformational Rays, and unconditional love. The healing comes through your hands. This attunement enables you to heal your friends family. After this Divine Transformational Rays Healing is with you for the rest of your life.

Divine Transformational Rays statements also include statements to enable you to raise your vibration at intervals to work with more healing energy if it is for your highest will and good.

As part of this attunement you will also receive a Divine Transformational Rays manual with the statements in it called:

“The Multidimensional Hitch Hikers Guide to Unity Consciousness: The Advanced Handbook of Soul Transformation.”