IMG_5837Touch for Health (TfH) was developed in the 1960s by Dr John Thie.

Touch for Health (TfH) blends the traditions from the East and the West by merging Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Western influence of Chiropractic to assess energy and the body’s function with a range of techniques below to improve wellbeing and energy levels.

It is the most widely known branch of kinesiology in the world. It is recognised and respected as foundation training for other kinesiology systems, as well as a healing modality in its own right.

As a result this is a course that is suitable for both the lay person, who wishes to improve their own health or that of those around them.

It is also suitable for the health professional that is looking for an extra dynamic to add to their work, enabling them to make it unique and tailor it for the client’s specific needs.

The training for Level 1 can be used as a standalone for both the professional and the layperson alike. If you wish the student can then continue their training up to level 4 completing the Touch for Health (TfH) Synthesis. Touch for Health can be learnt at any age in the picture to the right Mia is giving at balance at 9 years old.


There is then an option to be assessed and receive professional accreditation which enables you to have an exciting new career, or to deepen your current work as a health professional.

Touch for Health (TfH) is accredited by the Kinesiology Federation and also the International Kinesiology College.
Touch for Health (TfH) Level 1

At Level 1 you will learn:

The 14 Muscle Balance, and how to muscle test.

Visual inhibition Surrogate testing

Simple pain techniques

Posture awareness Goal balancing

Dehydration check and the importance of water.

Neuro-lymphatic Points, Neuro-vascular holding points, Spinal Reflexes.

Introduction to Chinese Meridians

Origin and insertion techniques

Emotional Stress Release.

Foods to strengthen muscles and raise your energy.

Cross crawl

Auricular exercises.

Touch for Health (TfH) Level 2 IMG_6017

At Level 2 you will learn:

The Law of Chinese Five Elements and Meridian Wheel balancing Chinese Five Elements Theory

An additional 14 muscles and a 28 muscle balance

Manual Muscle Techniques

Acupressure Holding Points

Cerebral Spinal Fluid

Yin/Yang Concept

Touch for Health (TfH) Level 3

At level 3 you will learn:

Reactive Muscle Theory

Past Stress and trauma Balance

Chinese Pulse Point Check

Pain tapping for chronic pain 42 muscles

Balancing with colour, goals, foods and emotions

Sedation techniques

Gait testing

Touch for Health (TfH) 4

At level 4 you will learn:

Touch for Health (TfH) in depth

Postural stress release

Postural analysis 42 muscles

Five Element emotions and sound Luo Points Time of day balance Figure eight energy


Touch for Health Metaphors

This is a course that is available to Touch for Health students who have completed their Touch for Health level 2.

Touch for Health Metaphors is component of the Touch for Health Professional and Touch for Health Consultant Programmes.

At Metaphors you will learn:

How to improve your goal setting

Learning dialogue skills and active listening for your Touch for Health sessions

Allows you to complete a full balance without the use of any reflex points

Deepen your knowledge of the Chinese 5 Elements

How to identify, and clear blocks and resistances to empower your clients to achieve their goals, improve their energy and bring about clarity in the ways to go forward.

How to give your client insights to empower them to make changes in their life to achieve their goal.

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